Questions & Answers

Who am I?

I am Lindsay, an RYT 200 hr certified Yoga/Meditation teacher, a 200 hr certified Power Yoga instructor and a registered Yoga Alliance member. I’ve guided more than 7000 in-person classes over the last decade and since 2020, over 1500 virtual classes.

After earning a BFA in Contemporary Dance and Performance from Radford University in 2005, I went on to accumulate more than 13 years experience as a professional performing artist in the states and abroad. I’ve since moved back to my home state of Virginia. I am currently an Adjunct Faculty Professor of Dance at both Drexel University & Shenandoah Conservatory of Dance.

In addition to my work as an educator, I channel creative energy into visual art, having worked diligently over the past 7 years to create abstract artworks that evoke a love of movement and connection. These works can be explored @

What is Vinyasa Yoga?

Vinyasa Yoga can be defined as a movement practice where a person moves through poses while maintaining a steady breath. Simply put, Vinyasa translates to “Breath with Movement”. This method of practicing postures was a foundation of both my yoga trainings as well as a staple in my continued personal practice.

Why Virtual?

This platform will serve as a virtual home to provide yoga to folks wherever they are. I will continue to operate this platform long after in-person sessions are once again fully available. This space will connect us near and far and will function as an inclusive safe space for anyone looking to discover or build upon their Yoga practice. I will one day expand this service by potentially adding instructors, workshops and when possible, I will travel to provide in-person classes.

Why the name “Lovely Devi”?

What a beautiful thought that we each share the power to create health, beauty, joy and harmony in our lives and the lives of those around us.

“Devi is the sanskrit word for “Goddess”, a cosmic force that destroys demonic forces threatening the world’s equilibrium. Devi creates, annihilates and recreates the universe…”


Where are the Livestream Playlists?

Perhaps you love music as much as me! If you’d like to keep up with the amazing artists whose music I play in class, visit my Spotify page HERE.

How to cancel my subscription.

Should you choose to cancel your account, you may do so any time by visiting the “settings” page in the menu.

Please keep in mind that cancellation of a subscription will be immediate. You will immediately lose access to paid content upon cancellation. There will be no prorated refunding if a subscription is cancelled early in a paid month. Visit the “settings” page in your menu to view your reoccurring payment date in preparation to cancel. You are welcome to resubscribe anytime by returning to the setting’s tab in the menu and following the instructions to resubscribe.

My Intention

My experience has taught me that Yoga is an invaluable path that paves the way for peace and clarity. I don’t claim perfection as an instructor but rather strive for consistency in my practice. I am comfortable in the knowledge that where I am is a good place to start and that my dedication has prepared me to be a humble guide. I have reverence for the science and philosophy of Yoga and aim to continue my studies. I plan to offer an informed reflection of what I’ve learned from my teachers and myself, a respectful interpretation of materials of which I claim to be no master. I will do my best to always show up on the mat with hope and light. 

I am here.-Lindsay

Lindsay Browning